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Note: Proctors with training courses who have not administered an NCLC exam for more than a year
are removed from this list and placed in an "inactive" status. If your group offers qualified laser
training of some type, and you wish to join our affiliates with a qualified proctor, please contact
Gregory Absten of the NCLC. All such inquiries are vetted based upon experience, legitimacy and
credibility of the training group.

The following affiliates are authorized to administer the NCLC Laser Certification Exams to qualified
individuals at their own training courses. You may also independently apply to take exams at any of over 755
locations worldwide through ETA International, or take them online through secure online ETA testing. Find
those other ETA in-person proctored locations by clicking "exam locations" at left.

Laser Training Programs offering NCLC exams, 
or regional NCLC proctors in an area (Besides the ETA proctors).

   Laser Training Institute of Professional Medical Education Assn. -
    This is the parent nonprofit parent group of the NCLC and the primary provider of Laser Training classes
offering associated Certification Exams. For eligible practices who already have training, a one day inhouse
program is available for Certification Review and Testing. Click on the "Onsite Exams" link in the left hand
side bar for more information.

Institute of Medical Aesthetics (IMA) -
    The Institute of Medical Aesthetics (IMA) is a fully accredited academic institute located in Dubai
     Healthcare City.Dr. Maria Angelo-Khattar, Dubai UAE

Borna Laser Center  -
Aesthetic Laser Educational center in Dubai, UAE. Afsaneh Rohparvar.
Alpha for Training & Strategic Management
    Medical and CME courses. Professor Hibathul Careem, Academic Director, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Pulse Health Laser Center - weblink pending
The Pulse Health Training Center is a fully accredited training facility by National Health Regulatory
Authority, located in Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr. Amin Abdulla.
Sadia Sultana, MRPharmS - proctor

Dundrum Cosmetic Laser Clinic -
      Brian Barrett. Dublin Ireland

Northpoint Aesthetics  -
      Jillian Cioccetti MD, Northglenn (Denver) Colorado

Indy Laser Center  -
      Chris Dryden. Indianapolis Indiana

Maureen Hines - weblink pending
      Woodbury Minnesota -
Spectrum Laser Training -
     Mary Nielson. Portland Oregon.

P.E.S. University - weblink pending
Bheemsain Rao, PhD. Bangalore India

Note to Previous Proctors - if you have not administered an NCLC exam in more than a year you have been
removed from the list. Contact Gregory Absten if you wish to be re-instated.

Plus secure online certification testing now available to already qualified applicants