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Online Practice Exams are available for purchase for $39 each. These exams are not an exact duplicate of the actual Certification Exams, but they cover exactly the same content areas so are a good indicator of one's performance on the actual exam. Once you receive notice of your enrollment you'll have up to 7 days to complete it before it expires. You should actually sit down and do this all in one sitting as you would the actual exam. Practice exams do not include time limits, but the actual In-Person Certification Exams will have a time limit of 3-4 hours depending on the exam. Most people take around 2+ hours - some quicker, some longer.

Once you start the Practice Exam the system will self grade you as you go. If you get the correct answer then an expanded discussion of that answer will show. If you get the wrong answer then click the ANSWER button in the bottom right and you'll be shown the expanded discussion of the correct answer. NCLC Certification exams require a score of 70% or greater to pass. You may take the online practice exam only once as part of your purchase.

Written EXAM REVIEWS are available at no charge, and you should actually go through this for the exam of your choice before you take even the practice exam. Click on the "Exam Reviews" link on the left. There is also a link within the online practice exam for you to download it from there.

Use the order form below to purchase the Practice Exam. The online practice exam is provided by our sister nonprofit organization, Professional Medical Education Assn, and charges to your credit card will reflect that name.

To take the actual Exam you'll need to meet the training and background requirements for it as listed in the Certification Handbook, submit your application and fee, and then schedule the exam at a facility convenient to you after approval.

Currently (June2019) only the Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CLSO/M), and the Certified Aesthetic Laser Operator (CLO/A) practice exams are available. We'll be adding the others over the summer.
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