National Council on Laser Certification
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This contains all of the "non-confidential" forms and documents of the NCLC. Some are the forms that are usually sent along with the examination packets. Others are the NCLC policies and exam reviews.

Application Forms & Reviews:
Aesthetic Laser Operator (includes Laser Hair Removal)
        • Form for Submission of Cases - Aesthetic

Laser Hair Removal Specialist & Supervisor
        • Form for Submission of Cases - Hair Removal

Medical Laser Safety Officer
Laser Repair Technician 

Certification Renewal Applications 

Exam Reviews For Examinees 
   Don't forget that online practice exams are available for all of the exams

NCLC Status Release Consent - intended for Affiliates and Associates helping students submit applications and paperwork.

ITEMS Below are generally sent with the exam packets, but may need to be downloaded and printed for those offering the exam electronically:

Proctor Instructions for Exams
   Instructions for administering the exams, and list of points to read to examinees prior to distributing exams. For both paper and electronic exams.

NCLC Examination Confidentiality Statement
   To be completed by examinee prior to handing them an exam or giving them the username and password for electronic exams.

Proctor Evaluation Forms  
   To be completed by examinee after completing testing, and returned in the sealed exam envelope, or email attachment if electronic testing.

Blank Notes Page - included in the exam packet. It just has remarks at the top reminding examinees that they must return this in the envelope with the exam, or shredded by the proctor if an electronic exam.

NCLC Provided Online Testing Devices
Proctors may also provide their own devices for secure online testing, provided that they are used solely for testing and no other purpose, and that they have demonstrated to the NCLC that they are setup so that the examinees have no easy access to other programs in the device other that the browser set to the NCLC home page for testing.

EXAM TABLETS - Proctor use and instructions

EXAM TABLETS - Factory Reset

EXAM TABLETS (Android CP20 Tablet) - Initial setup and formatting (pending)
Not ordinarily required by the Proctor, but here for the information if needed.

ITEMS Below are general policies, annual proctor nondisclosure, and incident report

Proctor Guidelines
  General instructions for proctors

Proctor Incident Report - to report discrepancies in handling of certification exams and applications, examinees violation of testing rules, and other out of the ordinary situations such as opened packets.

Examples of Applications & Forms submitted by Associates/Affiliates on behalf of students

Proctor Annual Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreement  

NCLC Authority & Autonomy Policy 

Certification Examination Distribution and Labeling Policy  

Ways and Places to Take Certification Exams  - information sheet for applicants but includes authorized proctors as one method.