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On-site Laser Certification Testing

For the more experienced Practioners and Staff who have been performing procedures
and have had the requisite documented training, a One Day program in your own facility to provide a Certification Review and administration of the applicable NCLC Laser Certification exams is available. These are provided by our parent nonprofit Professional Medical Education Association (PME). One does not need an actual training course to take the exam if you are otherwise qualified.

The Certification exam & Review is offered at your own facility for $1500 plus reasonable travel expenses for the proctor. The price includes the fees for any of the NCLC Aesthetic Laser Operator or Laser Hair Removal Certification exams for all of your staff. (ordinarily $295 USD each).

For those that don't meet the requisite training requirements, this on-site testing may be expanded to two to three days of training to meet these NCLC testing requirements. The exams and review are then administered at the end of the program. These generally run from $2500-$3500 plus travel but includes all of your staff. The NCLC provides testing, but any training is provided by the nonprofit parent organization Professional Medical Education Assn.

The program may also be offered to hospitals and medical facilities for their Medical Laser Safety Officers (MLSO).

Eligibility: Applicants must meet eligibility requirements prior to taking the review and exam. Open the Certification Handbook through the link in the left side bar to read the requirements. These requirements generally include experience in the field or minimum number of case submissions, and a Certificate of Training from any accredited provider documenting 16-24 hrs of formal laser training (depending on which certification).

Online Training - prior to testing: In many instances experienced laser operators have had good training in the past, but they have no formal documentation of such training or it was not from an accredited provider listing the hours of training on their certificates. In such circumstances Professional Medical Education (PME) will provide access to its Online Computer Based training at a 50% discount to your staff, so that they may complete it prior to the review and testing session. This will meet the training prerequisite. Any such staff will be required to complete those programs online prior to the testing, or they will not be allowed to take the exam. CLICK HERE for a catalog of online courses offered by PME. You'll be able to take 50% off either the individual or package prices, depending on which you want. This discount applies ONLY to those groups arranging for the On-Site testing.

Onsite Training - prior to testing: Another option to meet this formal documentation of training requirement is to have PME conduct the training at your facility, and then immediately follow with the review and exam. These can be accomplished in 2-3 days depending on how the program is structured. The price of the inhouse training would include the Certification exams. PME can compress a 3 day course into just two days if students complete some of the lectures online prior to the course (included in the course fee at no additional charge). Even for experienced operators, this is probably the best way to ensure success on the exams, but it does take more time. Information and pricing on PME's inhouse training programs may be reviewed by CLICKING HERE.

If your staff otherwise meets the documented training requirements then you're already eligible for the exam without any PME training. Free EXAM REVIEWS are available by clicking on the link in the left side bar. You can also take an ONLINE PRACTICE EXAM by clicking on the link in the left side bar. They are available for $39 per exam, but are offered free to those who contract for the onsite testing or training, or have submitted an application and paid the application fee.

Once you've contacted PME and an acceptable date has been determined for the review and testing, PME will require completion of an educational services agreement to lock in the date and provide the discount on any online courses that you might require (if any).

CONTACT:  Gregory Absten, PME Executive Director
                 Tel: 305.851.8081, or visit the website for more info: