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Aesthetic Laser Operator (includes Laser Hair Removal, Successful Candidates will receive a Certificate that indicates BOTH Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist, AND Certified Aesthetic Laser Operator)
        • Form for Submission of Cases - Aesthetic

Laser Hair Removal Specialist & Supervisor 
        • Form for Submission of Cases - Hair Removal

INCREMENTAL EXAM for Aesthetic Laser Operator  
This is used for those already holding the Hair Removal Certification and wishing to take the 25 question incremental exam to gain the Aesthetic Laser Operator Certification.

Medical Laser Safety Officer
Laser Repair Technician

      If you are attending a course of Professional Medical Educ. Assn, then you can complete
          an application at the course itself, just prior to testing, for any of these examinations.
       Otherwise you may submit an application for approval, and once approve may schedule an examination at a teting center convenient to you. (See Exam Locations at left).


NOTE: If you're making application to meet the Tx State requirements, then you want the "Laser Hair Removal Specialist" application, and NOT the Aesthetic Operator (Although both will qualify with Texas). You also need to use our form for submission of cases to us - not your own nor the Tx attestation form that you send to them.

NOTE: If you're taking a laser course from Professional Medical Education Association, or some of our training affiliates (see link at left), then you may not have to submit an application in advance for Certification testing at that course. That will be made available to you at the training course. Please clarify this first with the course you are attending.

Read through the Certification Handbook to ensure you meet the qualifications both for testing, and full certification.

    Submit an application form to the NCLC along with the fees.
    (You may fax to 01-305-946-0232),  or mail to PO Box 997, Grove City, OH 43123,
     or scan and email to

PAYMENTS - For credit card payments, please click on the PAYMENT link at the left and make a secure payment there.

    When submitting your application browse the ETA International testing facilities to see which is most convenient for you. Click on the "EXAM LOCATIONS" at left, but DO NOT CONTACT THEM prior to making application

    You will receive an e-mail notification that you qualify to take an examination, and you may then contact the ETA International office to schedule the exam with a local proctor. Do not contact them prior to your notification. You will receive your pass/fail status within 3 weeks or less of taking the examination.

    If successfully completing the examination and meeting other requirements, you will be notified by NCLC and receive your Certification document and NCLC membership information.

    Read through the Certification Handbook to ensure you meet the qualifications both for testing, and full certification.

Please note that if you are attending one of the Professional Medical Education Assn Training Courses, or those of some affiliated programs, that the NCLC Laser Certification exams are usually administered at these programs. No advance application is necessary and the application forms will be provided at the course. However, you should verify this prior to attending.

(See for relevant courses.